How Meager is that Cash?

07 Apr

Until i had a major project to accomplish, which demanded using solely personal funds, that is, without compulsory help from folks or friends, i hardly appreciated little money. ”If the money doesn’t come bulky, then its useless”, I would say. Just as the saying, ‘experience is the best teacher’, i choose to say, Real Life Experiences reshape our thinking and perception of life.

Obviously now i know that little cash plus little cash, amount to plenty! Even when meager cash cannot do little not to consider doing much, it can be multiplied and used to do much. During the period of planning and executing my project, i understood better what it meant to have a scale of preference, prioritize, and do only the necessary. It is apparently not the first project i have had to embark on, but the ones before now had specific source of funding that never ran dry; Folks of course. At least many people at some point in their lives were accountable to some persons or had people responsible for their welfare.

Weeks after completing that project, my perceptions have been renewed.

  • No more underestimation of some cash that come my way because it is a meager sum. I couldn’t have been more surprised at how useful those sums of money i classified as meager was.
  • The need to have a Budget
  • Scale of preference and the usefulness of prioritizing.
  • Taking Bold steps even when it seems like that hurdle cannot be crossed. Surely Impossible is nothing!
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